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URIMAT - Leader in waterless sanitary technology

  • No water costs
  • No chemicals
  • Waterless urinal is produced CO2 neutral
  • Touchless usage

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The waterless urinal from URIMAT impresses with its modern design.

URIMAT hand dryers

Dry your hands in 9-11 seconds. Quiet, fast and environmentally friendly.


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Stylish 0-litre urinal, including automatic cleaning system.

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Effective advertising - with static and digital advertising spaces (DOOH).

URIMAT cleaning

Dermatologically tested and rated "very good" ecological toilet cleaner.

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Partition wall and design element all in one

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Disinfection and hand hygiene

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URIMAT is a leading manufacturer of waterless urinals and environmentally friendly products in public and semi-public sanitary facilities.

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The company that produces environmentally friendly, economical solutions in the sanitary area

‘For more than 20 years the name URIMAT has stood for outstanding quality, innovation and reliable service. Our waterless urinal helps companies to reduce costs and make a meaningful contribution to the environment. The environment, our employees and reliable and fair partnerships are particularly close to our heart.’

Marcel Näpflin
Director Sales & Marketing


Savings per waterless urinal

At least 100,000 litres of drinking water per urinal are saved each year.


Cost benefit

The annual cost benefit if you use a URIMAT hand dryer instead of towels.


CO2 reduction

Approximately 350 g of CO2 are saved per cubic metre of water.

Efficient green solution

URIMAT is part of the Solar Impulse Foundation 1000 solutions that are clean, profitable & protect the environment.

Dermatologically gentle

Our biological cleaning agents also meet the highest dermatological standards.


Environment and economy go hand in hand

Preserve resources and save money. 


Why waterless urinals?

Urinals made of ceramic, stainless steel or plastic have become indispensable in public and semi-public men's toilets.

Conventional urinals and hybrid urinals require 0.5 to 4 liters of water per flush; Waterless urinals (also known as dry urinals), on the other hand, work without any water or flushing device. Thus, 0-liter urinals save precious drinking water and costs, which is of great importance in times of rising water costs and the scarcity of drinking water.

On the smooth surface of the waterless urinal basin, the urine flows into a siphon with a membrane and a biodegradable odor stone, which serves as an odor trap and is the most important component in waterless operation. The rubber membrane of the odor trap opens when urine enters and closes again airtight when there is no urine. This means that there are no unpleasant odors.

The numerous advantages of this technology are obvious

  • No fresh water is used, which protects the environment and reduces the amount of CO2 produced in the production of drinking water
  • The costs for fresh and wastewater are saved overall (depending on the property, water price and frequency of use, an ROI of <2 years can be achieved, and then you make «profit»)
  • The care and maintenance intensity is significantly lower compared to the urinal with water flush
  • The follow-up costs, e.g. through repairs to the electronic urinal flushing systems, are lower because no expensive urinal controls are required
  • Lower investment costs for new buildings because no drinking water supply, no electronic control, etc. are required
  • Since no connection to the drinking water system is required, a waterless urinal can be installed with very little effort
  • Sewer exhaust gases cannot penetrate the membrane odor trap
  • Waterless urinals have no flushing rim or other joints in which bacteria could settle and are therefore perfectly hygienic
  • Operation is completely contactless, as no actuation plate («no push button») has to be pressed to trigger the flush
  • There is no urine stone (chemical reaction of lime-containing rinse water with urine) because there is no water, so biological sanitary cleaners are completely sufficient for cleaning
  • The “pure” urine can be collected without dilution or contamination and used as fertilizer
  • Last but not least, waterless urinals also reduce CO2 emissions and improve your ecological footprint